Missed Appointments

Vacations, business travel or other pursuits, such as classes/events that cause missed appointments and deter us from meeting will be reflected as a used session if there are no options to reschedule. Illness and injury happen to everyone unfortunately. Personal Training Memberships are considered active and charged accordingly for the time period of such illness or injury, however I will do my best to accommodate always and understand that certain circumstances may generate different decisions regarding membership (ex: membership may be ‘frozen’ if you know you will be out for ‘x’ amount of time). Make-ups are not guaranteed and likely cannot be provided for every missed appointment due to pre-reserved schedule for our clientele.  Please plan to attend all sessions available to you with your membership.  

If needed, make-ups are provided when available within 7 days of a missed session.  If no openings are available in that time period, your session will be charged accordingly.  It is permissible to switch sessions with another client if they mutually agree, so that a “make-up” session can occur by modifying each other’s schedules.  



Should Kathy or any of her trainers have to cancel your training session, Just MY Fitness will provide:

Rescheduling your session(s) to a mutually convenient time
A monetary refund if we are unable to reschedule your session(s)
Add the missed session(s) to the end of your existing Membership
Upon future renewal, deduct the amount of each session from your new Membership total

Vacation time: Just MY Fitness has Summer and Winter Recess.  Any client who may be affected by these recess dates will see their membership extended for the duration of that time frame.   

Membership Perks

Reduced rate for Private and Semi-Private Training Appointments over Non-Members
Reduced Monthly Access Fee or Free Access* to Just MY Fitness with your Mentorship program
Discounts on Personal Training Memberships for self and family with your Mentorship program
Additional Savings if any membership is paid with Cash  º
Armed Service, Police, Fire, EMS and Student Rates available with valid identification*
Secure appointment times.  Should you be away on vaca/biz travel, your session time remains YOUR’S upon return smiley


All clients receive personalized guidance, instruction, supervision, programming, evaluations, rehabilitative exercises (if necessary) and our devoted commitment to your goals.  

Your health, vitality and wellness are of my utmost focus!  

*free access to the center and family discounts for Mentorship clientele
º depending on the frequency of sessions per week and Membership (Mentorship, Solo or Semi-private)