A Wholly Unique and Highly Specialized Team Approach

Mentoship iconThe Mentorship program is limited to 5 clients per year.  This exclusive membership offers a maximum of 150 personal training sessions for the year; an individualized Mentorship Team (2-3 Wellness/Health Professionals and Kathy McClare); exclusivity as Kathy McClare’s client; free use of the training center in excess of your scheduled training sessions; Family discount for Personal Training memberships; first to be notified of classes, events, seminars conducted via Just MY Fitness, Inc. 

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You're ready to work with Kathy when you can answer "Yes!" to all of the following questions:

1.  Have you felt there is truly something MORE to being FIT than regular exercise and good nutrition?
2.  Are you feeling off your game or goals, even if you ARE fit and healthy?
3.  Do you want to positively affect your fitness and wellness lifestyle?
4.  Are you ready to move (well) beyond the basics of fitness training?
5.  Do you fall short of your fitness and wellness goals and wonder if you can ever truly achieve them?
6.  Do you wonder why you sabotage your efforts, even indirectly?
7.  Have you tried numerous regimens without lasting results?

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Your Mentorship Membership aligns you with up to three Health and Wellness Professionals to comprise your Mentorship Team.  As you progress, your team of professional practitioners will likely change.  Just MY Fitness, Inc. follows up with you after all practitioner appointments to ensure your individualized Team is best suited for your goals and needs.  We also pay for three sessions as part of your Mentorship Membership.  Additional sessions/appointments scheduled with your Mentorship Team are covered at your expense.  Some practitioners are offering a special rate for Mentorship clientele.  See me for details.

Emotional Freedom Technique
Myofascial Release
Spiritual Healing
Massage Therapy
Spiritual Freedom Technique
Chiropractic Care with Applied Kinesiology



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