Kathy’s Story

What do these words mean to you?  Healthy.  Vital.  Fit.  Active.  Wellness.  Nutrition.  Happy. 


Finding joy, positivity and balance by being healthy and fit has helped me achieve, overcome and address extreme hardships.  While my photos depict an athletic, fit woman, I will share quite openly that for decades of my life, I was battling bulimia and pre-existing factors that preempted that journey.  Some of us may have lived "a lot of life" in a short period of time. My journey wellness and health was not an easy one.  Sure, I faltered many times.  Yet I was able to tap into a part of me that I beleive is within each of us.  Our spirit. That voice within.  Our innate desire to feel and be well, be vital. Each of us has our own mindsets.  At Just MY Fitness, Inc. we honor this about you very very much.  YOU are the director of your life.  We have the expertise, guidance and the tools that can make decisions regarding your health, fitness and wellness lifestyle flow much better.  Working with a Personal Trainer goes well beyond getting a great workout.  There is no one workout method that supercedes all, but there is one YOU.  Like any journey, it isn't necessarily the first steps that are taken, it is in the continous steps, signifying continued knowledge, growth and pride in one's journey at hand.  I am ever at your side to support you.  You may find me behind you giving you a nudge.  Or you may see I am in front of you, not pulling you along but asking you to come join me as you continue to train and work toward your own goals.  It is a partnership.  


As an entrepreneur at heart, I began a summertime childcare service when I was 12 years old, complete with crafts, activities and themed events.  The goal is much the same as the service I provide today as the owner and Mentor at Just MY Fitness, Inc.  To enrich, engage, educate and guide another toward a fun, vital, healthy, active lifestyle.  While my tools are now Fitness and Wellness (body, mind and spirit), the main component is one and the same. The INDIVIDUAL. YOU!  Your goals.  Your experiences.  Your achievements.  Your setbacks. Your views. These are what set Just MY Fitness apart from traditional personal training services at fitness centers.


Divorcing in 2007, my daughter and son were 9 and 5 respectively. Now they are young adults. They have, without direct intention, gifted me lessons of love, patience, innate ambition, fun and when to just be plain silly!  As a single-mom business-owner now caring for my own mother, it is even more important to maintain health. Quality nutrition, alternative healing to maintain balance, and being open to learning, can bring peace to the moment at hand.  Not all things can be cured, fixed, alleviated, and/or resumed.  With gratitude, however, all things can become a lesson and a way to grow within.  "Growth" isn't all cherries and blue skies.  Without hardships, there is NO growth within us.  Fitness IS growth on so many levels.  I invite you, encourage you, to look beyond Fitness as weights and workouts.  To see it in its totality.  As your guide, we can create a distinctly personalized plan for you.  My hope is that my clients grow beyond my services and then, kindly refer someone who they would like to see grow as well.  Together we will so that on your own, YOU can.


As a high school and collegiate track athlete (400m, 4x400relay, 800m, cross-country), I succumbed to numerous injuries that plagued me for the latter portions of my running career.  During the height of my running 'career' at age 19, I was introduced to bodybuilding.  Mind you, this was in 1983! Few women were embarking on such endeavors, yet it resonated with me deeply.  After a scant 10 months of training, I entered my first competition, placing 3rd…out of 3 ha!  Yet what happened was more than the desire to win. It was what I learned!  The positive impact on my life.  How my efforts in achieving various fitness and health goals transcended into all aspects of my life. I competed for 10 years and in 1994, I earned Pro Status with the nationally acclaimed World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  For the next 20+ years I maintained Pro-status and continued to compete, winning a few titles and coming close to winning a World Title by placing runner-up in my class.  I continue to broaden my fitness pursuits and encourage you to do the same.  My consistent go-to's are weightlifting, tennis, cycling, yoga, track and an annual lumberjacking competition). The intrinsically valuable education, and subsequent decisions made, transcended the challenges I had endured and those that awaited me.  I share this, somewhat cryptically, to bring awareness to life's highs and lows and how we address them; how we manifest change within ourselves; how we enrich our hearts and minds by maintaining excellent health. 


Giving back to one's community is a win-win for all involved. For three successive seasons, I volunteered my services as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Fairport’s Varsity Field Hockey. During that timeframe, our team achieved three Section V titles (2011,2012, 2013)! It was the first time in Fairport FH history that a 3-peat as Section V Champs was achieved!  Another first was the team making it to state championships for the first time! It was exciting!!  In 2012, the team achieved a record year of 19-0!! Whether we won or lost, each team player was able to correspond direclty with me for training, fitness/wellness related support, light rehab and sport nutrition guidance. In tandem, I provided specific drills and exercises for the entire team.  Just My Fitness, Inc. has sponsored a Rochester Marathon's water table since 2005.  We started our own relay teams so clientele could participate at any level of fitness.   We host Just MY Fit-Socials, open to clientele and the general public.  We may meet for trail rides, a hike, an alternative therapy semimar, a group-fitness event or even kayaking.  The premise is to bring people together to enjoy what our area has to offer, introduce activities that promote physical health, nutrition and socializing.  Mainly, it's for FUN!

Certifications and continuing education are paramount to success. They disguinsh one's dedication, expertise and integrity in their career.  Since 2002, I have been a Certified Personal Trainer with International Fitness Professional Association (IFPA), with specializations in Baseball, and soon, Golf. Prior to that, I maintained certification with the American Council on Exercise and the National Gym Association.  I hold certifications as a Personal Trainer, Certified Sport and Conditioning Specialist,  Reebok Resist-a-Ball Instructor, and am an active member of IDEA (International Dance & Exercise Association).  Red Cross CPR, AED and 1st Aid certifications are renewed annually.  My intent to become a Certified NYS Coach is temporarily on hold, however I aim to complete this within a year's time.