Kathy McClare

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Just MY Fitness, Inc

Formerly involved in track (400m, 4x400relay, 800m, cross-country), I succumbed to numerous injuries that plagued me for the latter portions of my running career.  When I was 19, I was introduced formerly to competitive bodybuilding.  After a scant 10 months of training, I entered my first competition, placing 3rd…out of 3 ha!  But what happened was more than the win and the loss. It was what I learned!  The positive impact on my life.  How this transcended into other aspects of my life. I pursued competitions for years and then, in 1994, I earned Pro Status with the acclaimed World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  I have maintained this level of competition since then, learning much along the way, always seeking educational opportunities.  Certifications and continuing education are paramount to one’s success yes, but also to ones dedication and integrity in the field.

  • Exclusive and Partnered Personal Training (all levels)
  • Beginner to Pro-Athlete Sport Conditioning
  • Core & Functional Training
  • Wellness & Sport Clinics
  • Posing classes
  • Competition Prep Camp & Seminars
  • Team events (5Ks road racesTough Mudders, and more)
    • (at your personal training center)

21 Years Experience!

  • IFPA Certified Personal Trainer;
  • IFPA Certified Sport Conditioning Specialist
  • WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder 1995 to present;
  • WNBF Pro Natural Fit Body 2010 to present
    • 3 WNBF Pro titles, 5 amateur titles
  • Lifetime drug free athlete & competitor
  • Resist-a-Ball Instructor (Swiss Ball)
  • 50 years young, long-standing, professional trainer that has been active in fitness world for some 30 years!