Grip activation that will enhance each rep

Try this and share your feedback~  This technique can be applied for any number of upper body exercises, however I will use the bench press for this discussion.  Assume your bench press position, whether you are conducting a flat, incline or decline bench exercise.  Place you hands on the bar as you normally would.  Lift the bar from the rack and prepare for your first rep.  As the bar reaches its lowest position, bring your focus to your grip. While pressing upward, emphatically press your palms toward the center of the barbell.  You will NOT actively mobilize your hands toward center, merely press inward with your palms while you are driving the barbell upward.  This specific intention enhances the impact and activation of your pectoral muscles. It also seems to reduce the all-too-often predominant use of the triceps for many novice lifters.  You can try this technique "in reverse" on pull-ups, pulldowns, rows.  Rather than an inward press with your grip, press away from centerline as you retract for these exercsises. #grip #weightlifting #exercise #flatbench #inclinebench #declinebench #pullups #changeyourgrip #workout #justmyfitnessnow #wecareaboutyou