While I don’t promote a ‘magic method’ for losing weight, gaining muscle or anything in between, I do encourage each individual to learn what are the most beneficial with which fuel themselves. What am I talking about? It could be ANY method that works for you. Maybe you work best with a highly regimented format. Maybe you are more intuitive and can determine what fuel (food sources and amounts) your body needs. Perhaps you are seeing gaps in your fuel-up current level of operation yet have little education on how to change that. Whatever it is, education is power. It is lifelong. It is ongoing too. How exciting to be able to manifest change simply by learning what foods fuel your body the best, help you heal and aid in many other health benefits. What power you have to do just that. I will be presenting or hosting seminars on various Fuel options (nutrition). Click here for upcoming seminar dates or feel free to contact me directly.