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Solo Session

Client meets with a Just MY Fitness, Inc. Personal Trainer for one (1) hour.  Appointments could include such activities as body composition and physical assessment updates.  Goal-oriented training or impact moment training (addressing a pertinent needin relation to physical training such as a rehab requirement, competition modification, etc).  Physical training that commences after any evaluation(s) is considered part of the session hour.  Above rate is for once weekly session.  Additional sessions will reflect a different rate.

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Duet Session
$1320 ($660/client)

Two clients meet with a Just MY Fitness, Inc. Personal Trainer for 1 hour one/wk for 12 consecutive weeks. Same provisions as above. Each client will either have their own program or may have similar aspects in their programs that can be conducted simultaneously.  Each client will have one-to-one time with their Trainers as well.

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NON-member Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are provided based on available day/time for Non-Clientele. All sessions are reserved with full payment. A 24-hr cancellation policy is provided.

Private Session (1 individual and 1Trainer)
1 hour $99

Duet Session (2 individuals and 1Trainer)
1 hour $70/person

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Learn more about our policy by clicking the following link: View Policy


*Armed Service, Police, Fire, EMS and Student Rates available with valid identification.


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