FIT (Finding Inspiration Today) Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly Just MY Fitness newsletter. My intent is to inspire you, today and every day forward. While this newsletter is a great tool for sharing information, showcasing client successes and various events in and around the area, do contact me if you would like to share information on an event, an area of expertise or something that others would benefit by learning of it.


What does fitness and health mean to you?

When it comes to exercise, we each have goals, views, varying levels of interest and certainly varying levels of time to devout to such pursuits. What unites us all is that we DO pursue fitness. That we acknowledge it as a part of our lifestyle, our mind-style. What we derive from being and feeling fit transcends to areas in our life we may not directly perceive have any relation to being fit and healthy. Our families, loved ones, friends generally take us for who we are. And when we are fit and healthy, we are more likely to be involved and engaged as well as providing an unspoken feeling to those in our life that we respect ourselves, care for ourselves so that we can enjoy all that life has to offer. What better way to showcase good health and being fit? What about your career? Does this require extensive hours at a desk? Travel on a regular basis? After work meetings and functions? Imagine doing all that and not have that inner sense of health and fitness. The vive that you derive from feeling good from within. The personal pride you have from looking healthy and fit. Imagine if you were not permitted to exercise. If you were restrained from taking that brisk walk or couldn’t attempt your next heaviest lift? What if exercise was only permitted on certain days of the week and you could never access that based on your schedule or your lifestyle? Then how much would you value being fit? Think about how lucky you are to have so many options are your fingertips. And that you have me in your corner, sometimes moving to the front of the room to lead by example, while other times pulling up a chair alongside you to work as a team. Or to enjoy being in your corner, watching you excel and progress as you grow in more ways than just being fit and healthy.

Feel free to share your thoughts, successes, setbacks, dreams and growth moments with us. We all benefit by listening to others experiences. Thank you.


The squat reigns supreme for building the entire body (yes, that is what I said). While the major action is felt in the legs and predominantly the glutei, the entire body is on call to conduct this stellar exercise. Mind you, many people suffer from injuries, back and knee pain and more. While the squat will always hold top honors, it can be modified in so many ways in order to account for numerous injuries and ailments that one may be experiencing. See me to learn more. As always, learn how to conduct an exercise correctly and be respectful of your abilities at that given time as well as the integrity of the movement.


This section will showcase YOU (my client), be it in regard to a physical goal or perhaps an announcement that calls for cheers and celebration. Maybe an achievement in your career or education, or a new member of your family has arrived. I encourage you to share your experiences if you wish. Doing so just may be the pivotal piece that brings positive change to another as well.


While I don’t promote a ‘magic method’ for losing weight, gaining muscle or anything in between, I do encourage each individual to learn what are the most beneficial with which fuel themselves. What am I talking about? It could be ANY method that works for you. Maybe you work best with a highly regimented format. Maybe you are more intuitive and can determine what fuel (food sources and amounts) your body needs. Perhaps you are seeing gaps in your fuel-up current level of operation yet have little education on how to change that. Whatever it is, education is power. It is lifelong. It is ongoing too. How exciting to be able to manifest change simply by learning what foods fuel your body the best, help you heal and aid in many other health benefits. What power you have to do just that. I will be presenting or hosting seminars on various Fuel options (nutrition). Click here for upcoming seminar dates or feel free to contact me directly.


July 26th, 2014 ROC Fitness Camp


Always looking for ways to enhance your wellness lifestyle, your sport pursuits and more. Honored to know Tom Spiecher, PGA Pro and a highly exceptional golf training coach and educator. He resides in Fort Myers FL and is gearing up to provide lessons, club fitting and continuing education to all his students at an upcoming new location.