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Special Events ~ yes yes!  YOUR positive experience is our goal.  Special events in and outside our center encourage our clientele to meet, greet and perhaps embark on new friendships with other clientele.  We strive to develop a community within our practice.  Special events (recreational outings, fundraisers, dining experiences, and more) nurture more than just one's fitness lifestyle.  We aspire to your mind, body and spirit.  If you have a special interest you'd like to share with others, let us know.  Just MY Fit-Socials are ideal for these. 

Wellness is an amazing blend of physicality, mentality and spirituality.  You'll find active to restorative Events and Fit-Socials that touch upon any one of these or all three elements.  As a client, you are truly part of our fitness family.  From outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, running and even hoola-hooping, to interactive alternative therapy seminars and nutrition events, Just MY Fitness, seeks ways to enhance your life.

Winter months need not be so glum with upcoming events and Super Saturdays.  Beginning this October, weekly events will be hosted at the center and designated areas in and around Rochester.  A list of events and gatherings will be posted soon.