Catalysts iconTo Change requires change which begets continous change = self-growth!  WHERE to implement change can be overwhelming or maybe a minor adjustment. Nothing changes without changing something.  We are here to help you get started and to keep you mobilized.  Here you'll find an array of options to incite change, to spur on your motivation, to energize your goals and plans and to know that YOU are our utmost focus.  

Small Group Fitness Classes (4-6 people per class) ~ try one of our Small Group Fitness Classes if you aren't quite ready for the Mentorship or our Fit Firm and Learn. Or if you want to spice up your training regimen.  Our classes are offered to clientele first but are open to the public. We keep our classes small to ensure individualized attention.  Sign up with a friend and you both get 10% off.  Class types and schedules vary. We like to keep it spicy. 

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Interactive and Educationals Seminars ~ Introducing a variety of modalities correlating to one's health, wellness, and spirit.  Our seminars may be very interactive with attendees and presenter(s) or may be instructional and certification-oriented.  All promote self-growth, learning, bringing awareness of new ways to heal, grow, thrive. Nice!

Nutritionals and Supplementation ~ Just MY Fitness, Inc maintains high standards and scrutiny regarding nutritionals and supplementation.  If you find it on our shelves, it's been through the ringer to get there.  We approve!  Visit our on-site Specialized Merchant Area Retail Turf (SMART) right inside Just MY Fitness, Inc. or find items on our website. 

Fitness Accessories and Attire ~ Purchase items from resistance bands to Versa Gripps.  Don one of Just MY Fitness, Inc' T-shirts or tank tops. Found in our SMART room or on our website.  

Competition Posing Classes ~ private classes are by appointment at mutually convenient times. Small group class schedules will be posted on our site and on social media. Classes are open to all divisions.